Executive Protection

Task Force provides the best bodyguard services Puerto Rico offers. The planning, execution, management and coordination you need to stay safe are unique to you and your security detail will be meticulously designed with your life and your individual needs in mind.

In today’s world, information travels quickly across the internet. It’s very easy for the public to gain access to information and learn when and where a celebrity, dignitary or executive will be. While this can be an asset to generating widespread publicity, it can pose a danger when a group or an individual is seeking to discredit or harm someone.

Security protection for executives or key personnel, or for high-profile persons such as celebrities is critical. The ability to perform at high-levels,
to function, travel and live a normal life can be greatly impacted if personal
safety is at risk.


If you are looking for executive protection, VIP protection or bodyguard services in Puerto Rico, Task Force is standing by, ready to assist. We have provided protection services for VIPs ranging from Government officials to high-profile celebrities and CEOs of billion-dollar companies. Let Task Force work for you.


At Task Force, our close protection officers and bodyguards are exclusively culled from former law enforcement careers and are highly experienced at executive protection. Our close protection professionals have the experience and ability to respond quickly and appropriately to any threat. With our extensive knowledge of the law, and our extensive experience, we work seamlessly with your management team and local law enforcement to provide you with exceptional personal protection.
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