Risk Management

Task Force of Puerto Rico provides in-depth, complimentary security risk assessments to companies, property managers, government agencies and individuals who want to ensure they are fully protected. Our former law enforcement and executive protectors will seek to gain a full understanding of your critical assets, company or property operations and the risk management countermeasures that already exist.


In order to prepare for and mitigate risk, you must first understand it. Identifying hazards and threats, current security measures, and areas of vulnerability as well as the potential impact that threats pose to you is vital to creating a security plan that will best protect you.

Business owners and facility managers, as well as private individuals are often at a loss to determine what security risks and challenges, they are facing. Having an interruption in business, property loss, or personal safety jeopardized is not an option, but figuring out where the security risks lie and how to mitigate them requires the help of a professional security expert.

We will do a full analysis of the risk profile of your organization or situation and will make recommendations for countermeasures that will reduce your risk to levels that are acceptable, while maintaining financial efficiency and operational effectiveness. Your security risk assessment will enable you to make calculated decisions on how to best protect yourself or your company from injury, loss or damage.


Task Force strives to deliver the best possible service while fulfilling the obligations of ethical business and security practices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We offer a wide range of protective security services and all of our services can be designed and customized to meet your specific needs.
Task Force provides well trained and experienced security professionals to carry out all sorts of security consultations. We are one of the most experienced security companies in Puerto Rico when it comes to disaster management.
Puerto Rico a U.S territory to this day remains a popular destination to both international travelers and U.S citizens. Despite its rich history, attractive shorelines and Spanish Colonial forts and old city, San Juan still presents a risk to travelers such as common street crime.
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